Ten thousand years in your future, science has achieved amazing feats. But it still hasn't been able to prove the existence of an afterlife.

So ... we decided to build one.

No, not a heaven and hell afterlife. We don't pit vague concepts against each other in hypocritical conflicts. We take a rather more utopian approach. Everyone has the potential to access the same experience.

Not everyone plays well with total control, though. There are some limits at first while people get acclimated. Some people need more limits than others. We base these limits on each person's conduct while living.

You'll be glad to hear that our algorithms show you're not one of those people. You'll start with some training wheels. A basic configuration that you should be able to shed in, oh, a decade or two.

I'm sure you're wondering, "if this is the future, how am I here?" That is thanks to our Temporal Recovery Program. We're able to go back through time and, at the moment of death, convey people into Afterlyfe.

What could go wrong? Well, we can't say that everything has been perfect; this is the seventh iteration of the program. Every complex system is going to have issues once in a while. We try to be as open as we can about previous attempts, as well as plans for the future maintenance of the program.

At any point you can choose to opt out and embrace oblivion.

Sometimes people are not interested in Afterlyfe. We've learned that it's best not to force things. If you're undecided, you're welcome to sample our "Lymbo and Purgatory" simulation. Stay as long as you like. People from faith-based backgrounds often use the L&P time to reflect on their life. This helps them self-assess and decide for themselves whether they deserve Afterlyfe.

Great, you've decided to jump directly into Afterlyfe!

This will tingle a little bit, and then there'll be a tight squeeze, but don't worry, that's only the bootup sequence.

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