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Thumbnails in Sculpin with Icelus

I've created a new Sculpin extension called "Icelus". You can use it to automatically generate thumbnails of images on your Sculpin-based website or blog. I chose the oddball name because Icelus is a genus of fish otherwise known as “Scaled Sculpin”, and thumbnails are scaled images (it's imaginative, dammit!).

For those who haven't heard of it, Sculpin is a static site generator like Jekyll or Octopress (or many others). Instead of acting as a dynamic application on a web server, it takes your blog posts or website pages and outputs them as a set of simple HTML files that can be hosted on any web server.

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March 7, 2015

Tags: dev, development, coding, twig, sculpin, imanee

Make Security Your Strong Suit

Cyberspace. The freshest frontier.1

These are the voyages of the cybership n00b, on its continuing mission to seek out new synergies and explore new business relationships. To boldly go where no information security model has gone before.

If companies don't smarten up and start taking security seriously, they might find that the tech frontier can burn them worse than they can possibly imagine.

This is what happened to Sony Pictures2. This is what happened to Lenovo3. And if it happened to those companies, it can happen to yours.

There are a few things your company can do that might help prevent a catastrophic embarrassment.

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February 22, 2015

Tags: opinion, management, security