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Raspberry Pi Microproject

I've had a Raspberry Pi for some time, and I'm still wondering what I should do with it. Occasionally I have an idea and I go to start it up and ... realize I've forgotten the password.


Well, this blog post isn't about that, but I'll mention a fix at the end just for my own reference, along with some links to a Raspberry Pi starter kit & camera modules.

What I need is for a freshly-booted, headless, keyboardless Raspberry Pi to somehow tell me its IP address.

This microproject took me about an hour to complete, including recovering the password. The idea stems from the fact that when I connect the Pi to a network that dispenses IP addresses using DHCP, I can't guess what address it'll get. Sure, on networks I control, I can pin the MAC Address of the Pi to a specific IP - but I don't always control the network.

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January 29, 2016

Tags: coding, dev, development, command-line, howto, administration, composer, starter-kit, password-recovery

The Llama Commander

When I'm in an experimental mood, or working on a proof of concept, I like to code in a scrappy way. Anonymous functions allow me to avoid pausing my train of thought to think of a name for something. However, when I'm using the Symfony Console Component to write command-line utilities, it seems that I have to write a class for each command.

No more, I say!

I've created a tiny library called beryllium/llama that lets me set the configuration and execution logic of console commands using anonymous functions, right in the constructor. When I found myself using the technique across several projects, I did what anyone would do - I gave it a silly name and threw it on GitHub and Packagist.

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October 19, 2015

Tags: coding, dev, development, silex, command-line