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As an avid amateur photographer, I have built quite a collection of photographs that I offer for sale on the 500px marketplace. 500px offers royalty-free, hassle-free licensing of my stock photography.

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I launched SlackerTalk in 2008 as a safe harbour for people displaced from a shuttering online community. Now it is a virtual home for friends who have bonded almost exclusively via their conversations on the site. Occassionally they have been observed meeting up in the real world, and this usually results in sheer concentrated hilarity.

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GrubThing, launched in 2013, analyzes public restaurant inspection reports in the southern Vancouver Island area and generates restaurant cleanliness ratings that factor in historical performance. This ensures an overall accurate view of how closely each restaurant adheres to the health code.

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Naming things is hard - but building things is fun! NAMR is a fun little web app that uses word lists to generate names for your projects.

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Book: Building Web Apps with Silex 2

I am writing a book about the Silex PHP microframework. It will mostly function as a tutorial or a walk-through for building a web application. It is loosely based on my Quick Web Apps series of blog posts.


Icelus uses the Imanee image manipulation library to generate thumbnails from images on your Sculpin website.

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Llama Commander provides a Generic Command Class implementation for Symfony Console Component applications. The generic command class allows developers to define CLI lambdas in much the same way they would define lambdas for HTTP routes.

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Deref reveals the full redirect path for shortened URLs. Built using Angular and Silex, it also has a simple API your apps can use to unmask sneaky redirects.

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Gibson Index

The Gibson Index rates the severity of Cyber Attacks. The scale goes from Level Zero (minor events, like ping probes) to Level Seven (very bad things). The goal is to bring some sorely needed perspective to media frenzies and law enforcement witchhunts - doling out extreme punishments for pranks and turning a blind eye to actual cybercrimes is unjust, and I want to try to bring some sanity to the arena.

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CacheBundle exposes a Memcache interface using the Symfony2 service container, making it easy to integrate into your controllers and other areas of your project. I find it especially useful for caching API calls.

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A useful command-line tool that replaces the Unix 'mail' utility. It enables you to send emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) from command line scripts, either by directly calling it or by piping output to it.

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A macroblogging platform that enforces a minimum of ten words per post, Thotter attempts to overcome the soundbite psychosis that is assailing our society.

Thotter provides users with a Markdown-based posting interface, and a "draft" mode so that posts can be finely tuned before publishing.

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A PHP-based command line tool for searching codebases slightly more intelligently than grep. Arkas helps you understand the context of search results by showing the parent function/class of the result.

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A management tool for EC2 security groups. The goal of the Dossier project is to create a central tool for managing security groups across a multitude of Amazon regions and accounts.

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This is a Python-based plugin for Supybot, an IRC bot. The plugin enables users to perform searches of Packagist right inside their IRC channel.

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