My Projects

My photographs are available for purchase on my SmugMug website. I also share photos on my Flickr photostream.
You can contact me directly to arrange a purchase, if something catches your eye but is not yet for sale.
I post various kinds of videos, such as videos about Remote Work and undersea exploration. Sometimes the occasional oddball production. Maybe soon, some sailing videos.
Launched in 2008, SlackerTalk is a safe harbour for people displaced from an online community of Hollywood movie fans that was being shut down. Now it is a virtual home for friends who have bonded via their conversations on the site. Occasionally they have been observed meeting up in the real world, and this usually results in sheer concentrated hilarity.
Deref reveals the full redirect path for shortened URLs. Built using Angular and SlimPHP, it also has a simple API your apps can use to unmask sneaky redirects.
Naming things is hard - but building things is fun! NAMR is a fun little web app that uses word lists to generate names for your projects.

Older Projects

These projects are dormant, but linked here for reference.