April 18, 2023

Every photograph tells you something about the photographer. How they think, what they like, how they work - it's as much a glimpse into their inner life as it is a glimpse into the frozen moment of time they've captured.

Yep, you guessed it: this post is a rant about generative art.

January 31, 2023

I've been trying out a note-taking tool called Obsidian for the past few months. I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

It's available on plenty of platforms and primarily uses Markdown syntax for formatting. This is good, because it means that I can quickly copy and paste my drafts into my Markdown-based static site generator (Sculpin) often without needing any formatting updates.

December 5, 2022

Over the years, I've accumulated a lot of small PHP projects that are in varying stages of their maintenance lifecycle. Sometimes they feel like overgrown cars lying in a fallow yard, wheels gone, propped up on blocks, forgotten. I'm getting around to improving them, but occasionally I hit roadblocks.

Right now, a tiny but annoying roadblock is PHP 8.1's deprecation of the strftime() function. One of my Whateverthing projects uses it a handful of times in various ways. I need to find an alternative pattern to replace it, one which is either brief and low-effort, or more robust but available to all the sections of the codebase.

November 29, 2022

I waited. I saw. I bounced.

It's done. I know there are many people still using it. You shouldn't be.

As a previously-active user, I had curated a reasonably copasetic timeline. I relied heavily on muted words and account blocks. Even amidst this chaos, it's still surprisingly usable. But one peek into the trending topics reveals the rot beneath that stately surface. And in case that's not testimonial enough, here's a handy timeline of all the terrible decisions being made.

Sure, not everyone has the luxury of leaving. Some people have contractual obligations. Others have managed to build an entire career on the back of Twitter. And still more folks just don't have time for philosophical nonsense or learning the ins and outs of new platforms.

I've heard folks championing the idea of "stay and fight!". Fight for what? No amount of user pushback will change the fact that the tippy top of the company is under new management, and that management is hostile.

Consider this: a right-leaning industrial tycoon just bought your newspaper and eviscerated it.

You can't trust it any more. You can't trust him. You need a new newspaper.