Late Night Links

Here are a few interesting articles I've come across lately:

» Doug Engelbart, Who Foresaw the Modern Computer, Dies at 88

Engelbart invented many of the concepts we take for granted today. While we may have transitioned away from one of his inventions, the computer mouse, we still heavily use many other concepts that he pioneered. You should also read this article about some of the hardships he faced later in his career.

And of course, you should watch "The Mother Of All Tech Demos" and be amazed at what he had accomplished in 1968.

» Atomic Deploys at Etsy

This is a walkthrough of an advanced technique that Etsy uses to separate their opcode caches & enable deployment with no downtime. Essentially, they resolve the symbolic link to the current deployment prior to loading PHP, so when the opcode cache writes out its supporting information, it points to a physical disk location. Then, they can swap the symbolic link at any time without having to restart the web server or worry about cache issues resulting from the same HTTP request accessing old and new files at the same time.

» Make $ vagrant up yours

This is an intro to Vagrant as written by the architect of PuPHPet (which I recently wrote a quick walkthrough for). The article is quite in-depth on topics such as the vagrantfile, Puppet integration, and of course PuPHPet.

Well, that's all for tonight. Thanks for checking in! :)

Published: July 4, 2013

Categories: links

Tags: vagrant, puppet, computer-history, etsy, deployment, links

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