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PHP Sandbox

Have you heard of PHPSandbox yet? No? Well, I hadn't either, until @ramsey let me know about it on Twitter. It's like the next generation of 3v4l.org - it lets you run PHP code in a shareable online sandbox.

Some of its next-generation features include the ability to select which type of project (or "Notebook") you'll be writing, which can pre-fill a bunch of information for you. You can also select Composer packages to install as part of the notebook.

You can define environment variables, development dependencies, and you can fork it into your github account so you have an independent copy.

Your notebook can be embedded in blog posts or technical documentation, as well.

For example, in my last blog post, I talked about the redo of my "Kaboom" library. With PHPSandbox, I could have had embeddable, runnable code samples directly in the post:

PHPSandbox Notebook

Avid readers of this blog, all zero of them, may remember a post a while back about Hobby Project 13. Well, good news on that front! PHPSandbox implements all I wanted for that project, and then some. Now I don't need to sink time into building it myself :)

PHPSandbox was created by @bosunski on Twitter. Give it a spin!

Published: November 22, 2020

Categories: coding

Tags: dev, development, coding, php, php-tips, utilities

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